About Rome Map

Rome Map is a website that gives you the location of different places in Rome along with facts and information. It is (I hope) a perfect resource for those of you that is planning to visit Rome.

I love to travel and I have been to Rome many times and really love the city. Even thou I also like New York, London and Paris i think that Rome is something special.
When I travel I always try to find out more about the places I am going to. God Maps is always hard to find even thou Google Maps have made it easier today. The problem is to get a nice overview with the most important places and where to find them.

This is my attempt to make an easy to use guide to Rome where you get the best from different topics and a map to see where to find it.

It is a private project done in my sparetime, please bear with me if it isn’t updated as often as you want and if I don’t have time to answer questions or comments directly.

Hope you enjoy the site and that you have use of the Rome maps!