The Castle of the Holy Angel

Map, The Castle of the Holy Angel in Rome

The map shows the location of The Castle of the Holy Angel in Rome. In italy it’s called Castello sant’ Angelo but from the beginning it wasn’t a castle. It was a tomb,  the mausoleum of  the emeperor Hadrian. It was build between 130 – 139 AD. After him more emperors was buried here, the last one was Caracalla 217.

Unfortunately most of the mausoleum was destroyed when it was converted to a fortress 401 AD and the urns with the ashes of the emperors was scattered in 410 when the fortress was plundered.  In the 14th century the fortress begin to change to a castle.

Today The Castel of The Holy Angel also houses a museum and a chapel.


Map showing The Castle of the Holy Angel, Rome


Picture of The Angel Castle in Rome - Rome Map

The Angel Castle – Rome Map




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