Bocca della Verità

Rome Map of Bocca della Verità

Bocca della Verita (Italian ‘Mouth of Truth’) is a big  ancient slab of marble with a diameter of  1.75 meter.
It is a sculpted mask carved out of the Pavonazzetto marble and the legend says that the one who dares to put heir hand in the mouth will have it bitten off if they have committed perjury. The sculpture weighs about 1200 kg and the aged is believed to be about 2 200 yeras. It is believed to represent a god but which one of the is uncertain.  It could be Oceanus or the River god of Tiber and some thinks it is Mercurius, the God in Rome who protected thieves and merchants. You find the mask at the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome.

Map that shows the location of Bocca della Verità in Rome:

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