Bocca della Verità

New page added under attractions and sights with some information about the Bocca della Verità and its legend. And of cause a Rome Map that shows where you can find it when in Rome! Bocca della Verità – Rome Map »

Added two new attractions of Rome

Now you can find maps of the attractions, “The baths pf Caracalla” and “The Catacombs of San Callisto”. Both of them are interesting places to visit when in Rome. At the baths och Caracalla you get impressed of how big the ancient bathouses was ( Bath of Caracalla was the second largest bath in Rome). […]

Added two new maps

I have added two new maps of Rome that shows you where you can find Villa Borghese (a beautiful park with gardens) and Galleria Borghese (a very nice art Gallery that you must visit if you are an art-fan).  

More Maps

I have added a few maps of sights and attraction in Rome along with facts and information and I have also fixed some technical issues.

Welcome to my Maps of Rome

For a long time I have been planning to create a website about Rome with the focus on showing maps, helping visitors to find different attractions and other places of interest.  But not only maps but also to give a brief introduction the the different places. Today I finally have started working on it. It […]