The Roman Forum

Map, The Roman Forum in Rome.

The map shows the location of the attraction Roman Forum in Rome. The latin name is Forum Romanum and in the ancient Rome it was the center for trade, politics and religion. Here the senate met to discuss and to decide about important matters that affected the life of all Romans but in the Roman forum you also got markets where you could by everything from locally produced wine, corn and grains to more exotic, imported things.
In the area you find many temples where you could worship the different gods. The Roman forum was also a place to meet and gossip to hear the latest news.

Today you can see the ruins of many of the buildings that once stood here. Some of them is better preserved, some have been restored and some of the is almost completely gone.

If you are interested in the history of Rome a visit to the Roman Forum is well worth the time and the money (~16 US dollar, includes entrance to The Palantine Hill)

Rome map showing The Roman forum


Picture The Roman Forumin Rome - Rome Map

The Roman Forum – Rome Map



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